Right market

While we have witnessed a turbulent market since the Covid-19 outbreak, we have confidence that London – and its status as a global hub for business and culture – will emerge resilient. We continue to look for attractive opportunities to acquire assets where we can deliver real long-term value.

Right properties

Creating the right environment for our customers is critical, which is why we gather regular insights from our customers to ensure our properties keep pace with evolving customer requirements. We continuously upgrade the quality of our space through a rolling pipeline of refurbishments and redevelopments to meet customer needs.

Right offer

Central to our model is enabling customers to grow or contract with us, which is why we offer flexible lease terms tailored to meet their changing requirements and the challenging economic environment. We invest in our offer to support customers’ productivity and success, and we create communities of businesses in our centres, holding regular insight and networking events to encourage collaboration.

Right people

To help see us through these volatile times, we depend on the creativity and expertise of our employees. During the Covid-19 crisis we have prioritised the safety and wellbeing of our employees, and provided regular communications to offer motivation and reassurance during the lockdown. The hiring and training of employees focuses on first-rate customer service. We pride ourselves on a positive and inclusive culture.

Right brand

In a crowded and disrupted market, it is important to differentiate our brand so that it is understood and well recognised as market-leading by prospective and existing customers. Quality of fit-out, customer service, and deep sector expertise provide key competitive advantages.