Workspace achieved an A in the 2020 Climate Disclosure Project (CDP), up from a A- last year. We’re proud to have earned a position on CDP’s Climate A List for our leadership in environmental transparency. CDP score over 8,000 companies from A to D- on the quality of their climate disclosure and action towards a low-carbon future.



We gained a Green Star for the seventh year in a row for the GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) survey. We achieved an A rating for Public Disclosure and scored 78/100 in the Real Estate Assessment, and 81/100 in the Development Assessment, exceeding both the average score of 70 and 74 respectively. GRESB changed their structure significantly this year which is why our score has reduced from last year, along with most participants. Objective comparison between absolute GRESB scores from this year and previous years is therefore not meaningful. Our GRESB allows us and our investors to measure our sustainability performance within the real estate sector.



We were awarded another Gold for reporting in line with the 2020 European Sustainability Best Practice Recommendations (EPRA sBPRs) for the seventh year in a row. The EPRA sBPR Awards are intended to raise the standards and consistency of sustainability reporting for listed real estate companies across Europe. As with the EPRA financial BPR Awards, each year EPRA recognises companies which have issued the best-in-class annual sustainability performance report.







We were once again included in the FTSE4Good Index, which helps us assess our achievements against a transparent and evolving global corporate responsibility standard. The FTSE4Good Index Series is designed to measure the performance of companies demonstrating strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices. This year we achieved 3.6 out of 5 (Absolute Rating) and 89% (Relative Percentile Score).



We continued to hold our Investors in People accreditation for the 19th year in a row, and we achieved the Gold Award in September 2016 (re-accreditation is every 3 years). There are four different levels; Standard, Bronze, Silver and Gold, and in order to achieve Gold we had to provide 126 additional evidence requreiements. The Standard defines what it takes to lead, support and manage people well for sustainable results.



We have signed up to the Social Mobility Pledge and have committed to the following: 

1. Partnership - Partner with schools or colleges to provide coaching to people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

2. Access - Provide structured work experience to those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

3. Recruitment - Adopt open employee recruitment practices and promote a level playing field for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.



Workspace have achieved the London Healthy Workplace Award Foundation Level accreditation. The London Healthy Workplace Award is a pan-London framework that supports and recognises investment in staff health and wellbeing, partnering local public health resource with employers. It complements the Mayor’s Good Work Standard which is designed to work alongside other existing initiatives to support fair employment practices and better workplaces. In gaining the Award, Workspace are one of over 250 organisations that have met the standards to date.



All of our electricity supplies within our group contract are on a 100% renewable tariff with EDF. All source certification meets GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance Quality Criteria. We are therefore calculating our market-based emissions in addition to location-based emissions for our scope 2 greenhouse gas reporting. 


seal_platinum-2x_awards-(3).png seal_gold-2x_awards-(2).png

The Wired Certification highlights buildings that have been independently assessed and certified by WiredScore to offer the very best connectivity. Workspace is delighted to have achieved the Wired Certified Platinum rating at The Metal Box Factory (only 10% of buildings that have been Wired Certified in the world so far have achieved this rating) and the Wired Certified Gold rating for Grand Union Studios, Clerkenwell Workshops and Salisbury House. Workspace continues to invest in its digital infrastructure ensuring the best in connectivity for its customers today and tomorrow.



We are a member of the Better Building Partnership (BBP) and report into the Real Estate Environmental Benchmark (REEB). The BBP is a collaboration of the UK's leading commercial property owners who are working together to improve the sustainability of existing commercial building stock. The BBP respond to government policies and regulations on behalf of members.



We are a member of the BPF Sustainability Committee. The committee reflects upon issues of resource efficiency, environmental enhancement, and climate change.


Karen Jamison, our Energy & Sustainability Manager sits on the Steering Committee for the Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership (ISEP). Committee members meet six times a year to plan projects and events, and maximise benefit for members and the wider community.