Our new Optergy system is an exciting web based Building and Energy Management System (BEMS) that we are currently rolling out across our portfolio. It is initially being trialled at our Light Bulb, Grand Union and Barley Mow sites.

We currently have Building Management Systems (BMS) at 10 of our sites which helps us manage our buildings efficiently. We are now trialing a new web-based BMS called Optergy that will enable our Facilities Managers to control the building remotely. 

The Optergy tool allows us to review detailed energy consumption profiles, enabling us to manage our systems more intelligently and efficiently.  It will also provide our customers with the ability to log in to view their own energy profile.  This gives them the visibility and transparency to have greater control to manage and modify their consumption, as well as providing accurate billing.

Barley Mow CentreChiswick

Optergy is an exciting new tool for us, providing our customers with far greater transparency across their own energy consumption and will enable us to work with them to provide education and support in how they can better manage and reduce their energy consumption and as building managers it will allow us to better manage our buildings and improve our facility performance. 

We are keen to invest in research and technology that can enable our sites and our customers to reduce our collective contribution to climate change. By investing in Building Management Systems (BMS) such as Optergy, we will be able to reduce the energy consumed within our buildings and ultimately our carbon emissions. We are continually seeking new research and development opportunities that will improve our customers experience, whilst reducing our contribution to climate change.