Our ‘Doing The Right Thing’, Corporate Responsibility strategy covers our development practices, our operational emissions and our social impact. It ensures that we operate responsibly in our dealings with all stakeholders and reinforces our commitment to the sustainable growth of our business. Continuously striving to enhance our environmental performance, contributing positively to our local communities and supporting education, employment and local economies in and around our sites are key priorities for us.


Our overarching objectives are:

Create a sustainable climate-resilient portfolio through our responsible investment, development and refurbishment programme.

Actively manage our buildings in an efficient way and work with our customers and suppliers to reduce our operational carbon emissions whilst providing a healthy productive environment for our customers.

Enhance our social impact and support all stakeholders through effective communication, training, transparent reporting, with a particular focus on community engagement and employment-led regeneration of London.


Investing time and energy in achieving these objectives creates value for us as a business, as well as the wider communities of which we are a part. You can find the full set of targets which support each of these objectives in the Objectives & Targets document to the right hand side of this page.

Our strategy is driven by our Doing The Right Thing Committee, chaired by our CEO. The committee is made up of individuals from across the business, each with a specific role. There are four formal meetings per annum, plus ad hoc sub-committee meetings in between. 

Specific environmental matters are reviewed within the Sustainability Committee which is chaired by our Development Director. The Sustainability Committee meet at least quarterly to discuss climate change issues relating to our business, environmental initiatives, and performance against our objectives and targets. Key climate change risks and opportunities are highlighted by the sustainability committee and reviewed at least annually by the board.

Further to this, we have a Risk Committee, which meets monthly and has responsibility for co-ordinating risk management activities throughout the business. It prepares regular reports to the Board and Audit Committee. Read more about our Governance here.